DEFENDING CLIENTS AGAINST THE TRUE COST OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION In the rapidly-changing, fast-paced area of cannabis law, the Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich, APC stays informed, up-to-date, and on the leading edge. “Cannabis law is a very specialized ever-changing legal arena, and for anyone interested in entering the industry it’s extremely important to consult with someone who has vast experience working with cannabis clients. The law is changing so rapidly and so dramatically that Read More

In November 2016, the passage of Proposition 64 drastically changed the penalties for cannabis offenses in California.  Many cannabis felonies were reduced to misdemeanors, and certain crimes eliminated entirely.  One element of Proposition 64 is the ability to petition the courts to have past convictions reduced or expunged.  Some people might be released from custody immediately, while others may have their formal felony probation reduced to informal misdemeanor probation.  In all cases eligible individuals will Read More

On November 16, California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities released the proposed emergency cannabis regulations for commercial medical and adult-use (recreational) cannabis.  The proposed regulations consist of over 200 pages of detailed rules regarding the cultivation, manufacturing, sale, distribution, and testing of cannabis and cannabis-products. In the video above, Michael Cindrich is interviewed by KUSI’s Sasha Foo regarding the impact that these new regulations will have on the cannabis industry in California. Click here for Read More

The green rush is on in California. The State already holds the lion’s share of the $5.7 billion cannabis industry, and the market is primed for unprecedented growth with the recent legalization of recreational adult use. Cannabis law has come a long way since California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis use over 20 years ago. However, there is still a long road ahead to create a fully operational and legitimate market. Industry Read More

Another cannabis dismissal for attorney Michael E. Cindrich.  This case arose when our client was detained by security at a private airport in Oakland, California.  Our client had been waiting to board a flight to Los Angeles when a K9 indicated a positive alert on a box he had in his possession.  A search of the box revealed 15 mason jars filled with a total of 7,245 grams of cannabis oil.  Law enforcement also discovered Read More

Two huge wins for our firm on cultivation cases today! Nine defendants in two separate cases had their cultivation charges dismissed by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office. The first case concerned an 887 plant collective grow. The six defendants were all patients who were cultivating medicine intended for a locally licensed collective in San Diego, CA. Michael Cindrich filed a “Mower Motion” which allows the defendants to present a defense ahead of trial, and forces Read More

Michael Cindrich Wins His 4th “Not Guilty” Cannabis Verdict in 12 Months After a week long trial and an hour of jury deliberations, Anthony Palumbo finally heard the words he had been waiting almost a year and a half to hear: Not Guilty! His case began the way so many medical cannabis cases begin. A group of patients get together and decide to set up a collective grow. They spend months preparing, thousands of dollars Read More

Banking Problems Faced By Cannabis Businesses When asked what the largest hurdle is for state-legal cannabis businesses, the answer you will commonly hear is “banking.” Though cannabis can be legally used, possessed, cultivated, and distributed under certain circumstances in more than half of the states, there are almost no banks that will knowingly accept accounts from cannabis businesses.  The reason: cannabis remains an illegal schedule I controlled substance under federal law.  This creates a wide array of problems Read More

The San Diego City Council met yesterday to review proposed regulations that would alter the current cannabis business landscape in the City. One of the main issues discussed was whether the currently operating medical cannabis dispensaries would be able to sell recreational cannabis. The City Council unanimously approved a change to the municipal code to allow this shift to take effect. Perhaps the most important issue addressed was whether the City would create separate permitting Read More