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Burglary is defined in California Penal Code §459 as:

Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, outhouse or other building, tent, vessel, as defined in Section 21 of the Harbors and Navigation Code, floating home, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 18075.55 of the Health and Safety Code, railroad car, locked or sealed cargo container, whether or not mounted on a vehicle, trailer coach, as defined in Section 635 of the Vehicle Code, any house car, as defined in Section 362 of the Vehicle Code, inhabited camper, as defined in Section 243 of the Vehicle Code, vehicle as defined by the Vehicle Code, when the doors are locked, aircraft as defined by Section 21012 of the Public Utilities Code, or mine or any underground portion thereof, with intent to commit grand or petit larceny or any felony is guilty of burglary. As used in this chapter, “inhabited” means currently being used for dwelling purposes, whether occupied or not. A house, trailer, vessel designed for habitation, or portion of a building is currently being used for dwelling purposes if, at the time of the burglary, it was not occupied solely because a natural or other disaster caused the occupants to leave the premises.

As the definition explains, burglary includes the entering of a variety of different structures for the purpose of committing a variety of different crimes. In addition, certain types of burglaries have been singled out for stiffer penalties on the basis of whether or not the structure entered is inhabited pursuant to California Penal Code §460, which distinguishes between first and second-degree burglary.

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From the moment you are first questioned until the final verdict, you need an attorney who will fight hard for your constitutional rights and innocence. Michael E. Cindrich will use his knowledge and experience to tell your side of the story and make sure that you are treated fairly.

Mr. Cindrich is an experienced attorney who knows the system, the prosecutors, the judges, and the law. He is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for your case, and he will aggressively work on your behalf to get you through this difficult time.

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