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When someone suffers an injury as a result of a dog bite or an attack by another animal, it can be a very difficult and painful experience, and it can also change a person’s life. A dog bite victim suffers a physical injury, which can include scarring, but dog bite victims can also suffer emotional distress, including a constant fear of re-occurrence. Following a dog bite injury, many people experience a lifetime fear of dogs. In severe cases, a dog bite can lead to a serious personal injury

Identify the Dog

Immediately following a dog bite, it is extremely important to identify the animal that bit you. If it is a stray and you cannot identify it, you will be facing the possibility of having to submit to treatment for rabies, which is very painful.

Medical treatment

After identifying the dog, it is extremely important to receive medical treatment. If the dog bite results in a wound on your face, it is strongly advisable to request to be treated by a plastic surgeon in the emergency room. They are the most skilled doctors in healing wounds with minimal scarring.

Emotional trauma/Scarring

Many dog bite victims experience depression and suffer from a lower self-esteem as a result of scarring related to the dog bite. Dog bite victims frequently consult with plastic surgeons to minimize any permanent scarring. Even with plastic surgery, there will usually be some permanent residual scarring. This is scarring that dog bite victims are forced to live with for the rest of their lives.

If the scarring is severe, it can result in a dog bite victim experiencing depression. Some dog bite victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can lead to numerous other problems, including an inability to sleep, an inability to concentrate, increased stress and anxiety, and irritability.

Dog bite attacks can raise a variety of complex legal issues depending on who the owner is, how the dog bite attack occurred, and what insurance liability coverage(s) may be available.

Under California law, many dog bite attacks are essentially “strict liability” cases. That is in contrast to most other accident/injury cases where you have to prove negligence under California law in order to receive compensation. In strict liability cases, if a dog bites, the owner is liable – you don’t have to prove negligence on the part of the owner, and the only defense is if the dog bite victim provoked the dog into biting.

Our dog bite attorneys have handled numerous cases involving dog bite attacks, and we have the experience to maximize the legal recovery you are entitled to if you have suffered a dog bite injury.

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