Michael E. Cindrich is a highly respected criminal defense attorney in San Diego. For over a decade, Mr. Cindrich has been dedicated to ensuring that his clients are treated fairly under the laws. The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich APC is a full-service law firm dedicated to providing excellent legal representation.

Our full-service law firm focuses on marijuana law, marijuana defense, and marijuana business formation and operation. Additionally, we provide legal defense for individuals facing DUI charges, federal crimes, asset forfeiture, white-collar crimes, as well as a variety of other crimes.

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    Michael E. Cindrich is respected in the marijuana community for both his role as a trial attorney as well as his advocacy for medical marijuana patients. Learn More
  • Dui Defense

    Dui Defense

    We're known throughout Southern California as an authority on DUI cases and is respected for his aggressive approach to defending his clients. Learn More
  • Federal Crimes

    Federal Crimes

    A federal crime or federal offense is a crime that is either made illegal by U.S. federal law or a crime that occurs on U.S. federal property. Learn More
  • Business Law

    Business Law

    Businesses face an array of regulation, from premises liability to the Business and Professions Code, corporate laws and much more, but we're here to help. Learn More


    We have been successful in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars and other items that were wrongfully seized by law enforcement. Learn More
  • Drug Crimes

    Drug Crimes

    The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich has extensive experience in handling drug cases of any type. Learn More


    White-collar offenses can have penalties of jail time and fines, but also to your reputation. We take this into consideration while building a defense. Learn More
  • Restraining Orders

    Restraining Orders

    Michael Cindrich has a proven track record in preventing restraining orders from being imposed and getting already existing restraining orders lifted. Learn More
  • Public Intoxication

    Public Intoxication

    Even though Public Intoxication offenses may seem relatively minor, any criminal mark on your record can have long lasting consequences. Learn More